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Global Health Minute 


Dr. Annette D'Armata

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IndigenousWays Wisdom Circle with Annette D'Armata

IndigenousWays Wisdom Circle with Annette D'Armata

Dr. Annette D’Armata opened her share with her deep truth in a way that is able to break through broken parts of self, not by self, but rather, of self from outside, including; outside sources, childhood conditioning, and internal expectations of what we think we are meant to do with our lives. She went on to talk about naturopathic healing and how it intersects with western medicine. Website: Our project VoxFem: IndigenousWays is dedicated to bridging cultural exchange with people globally, we do this by promoting living in balance for diverse communities through music, arts, outreach and events. Our virtual events are an opportunity for global connection, learning, and shared wisdom. Wisdom Circle - Wednesday 6pm MDT / 8pm EDT & Concert Series Friday 6pm MDT / 8pm EDT Website: RESOURCES FROM DR. D'ARMATA American Association of Naturopathic Physicians: New Mexico Association of Naturopathic Physicians: Article about New Mexico licensure: New Mexico naturopathic doctor: Jacqueline Villalobos, ND Naturopathic Physicians of Color: (Free) Healing Hypertension Summit hosted my colleague Dr. Turshá Hamilton: Dr. Tamara Dickson: Where to get the t-shirt I’m wearing: Poet e Nina Jay: Puerto Rican vocalist-composer Lourdes Pérez:
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